Who we are


Marie-Hélène Langevin instinctively creates patterns from an early age; in her notebooks, the margins of her schoolbooks or restaurant paper napkins. Her love of textiles probably comes from the hours spent with her mother in fabric stores, where she loves wandering through the fabric rolls.


Constantly in awe with nature, Marie-Hélène lets her hands freely interpret plants and trees, right up to the limit of abstract. Her instinctive approach becomes another facet of herself; she patiently transforms the drawings into patterns, and carries out with rigor all the technical process that follows. The color being what we notice above all, she pays particular attention to the harmonies that will set the tone for her patterns.


Marie-Hélène opened her first workshop in 1998, shortly after her studies at the «Centre Design et Impression Textile de Montréal» She then acquired a solid production experience by producing, among other things, silk scarves in limited series and custom fabric for costumes in film productions. Her interest in interior design then steered her career towards home linen. In 2009, the designer started her studio-boutique, first in Lachine, then in Saint-Lambert. Since the construction of her workshop adjacent to her home in 2019, she has devoted herself to the creation of new products, while collaborating with artists and artisans who seek her expertise. At the same time, she has been teaching her profession for the last twenty years at the school where she studied.